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Travel back to the first Christmas and experience it in a whole new way. Come with three different boys as they meet Jesus for the first time.


  • Judah, a boy in Bethlehem, meets a young Mary and Joseph. After hearing their story, he begins to wonder, could God still loves and cares about his people, even little old him?


  • Benjamin, after being forced to become a shepherd, begins to question many of the things he has been taught. Could God forgive him in spite of his family’s sin?


  • Javed, a slave to a great Magi, is sent on the journey to find the new King of the Jews. But after studying the Jewish scriptures, he wonders, could their God accept an outsider like him?


Come meet Jesus and see if His love is big enough to care about, forgive, and except us.



Cleo Lael hopes by this book to encourage readers and show them that God loves them. Much pray has gone into this book, as well as time and research. To God be all praise, honor, and glory.

Meeting Jesus: Three Christmas Stories

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