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Listen Up! Do your need direction in your life? Have you asked God for help? Did you hear the answer? When He speaks God is not always audible yet it is easily heard, when He shows up He is not always visible, yet He is easily seen, and when He works it is not always comprehendible, but His deeds are easily understood. When God speaks, His words have tremendous meaning, purpose and power, and when He shows up He has tremendous impact on all who are near, when He works on your behalf His deeds are powerful and evident. No problem is too great or too small. All things are possible with God! As for our part it is simple: ONLY BELIEVE! The problem is not whether God answers prayers, it is learning to position ourselves to receive His answer and to recognize and hear His voice. In Listen Up!, Mike Janiczek will share with you his tremendous insight, experience and understanding on how to hear the voice of God.


AUTHOR: Michael Janiczek


CATAGORY: Christian Life, Inspirational

Listen Up

SKU: 9781597552233
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