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Does poetry have to involve wispy winds, weeping willows, or whippoorwills? Airy words have their place, so long as that adjective is not a descriptor of the writer's head. Take a stroll through some poetry which lets no wind pass through its ears, its hard substance the anchor of eternal Truth. Unbound by mushy cages, it's free to roam, and there's no telling what damage it might do ... or good. At one turn it may unleash its fury at the folly of the fallen; at another it may soothe a sorrowful soul; at yet another it just might fix a fang on the funny bone. If you lost a bet and are absolutely forced to read one book of poetry, take a peek inside ... and then report back that you won after all. If you're afraid it might bite, fear not ... that's the best part. Then let it chew on you. "Rick De Prisco's way with words has 'grown' on me over the course of a 25-year friendship. The idea of 'groan' fits also, given our trials and terminal love of puns and word play. Both were employed by the Bible's prophet-poets. Rick's striking 'Postcard from the Netherlands' suggests a kindred spirit. I cruised in Amsterdam; he bruised language to get to 'rotter' dams. De Prisco's penetrating wit and observations will hook you on his wonderfully unboring poetry." Vreni Schiess, Author of the devotional book, Songs in the Night "The Author of Creativity smiled when He bestowed upon Rick De Prisco a special gift for using language as a poetic prism for vibrant and colorful illumination. This master potter of poetry will keep you gazing through unique "perspectacles" at his spinning wheel as he playfully-sometimes mournfully or pointedly-and always thoughtfully kneads and massages a clay of words into his own carefully crafted linguistic artistry. His unique insights linger long after the delightful rewards of reading and re-reading." Wayne Scott, Founder and President / Writer-Composer, LifeHouse Productions, Inc.


AUTHOR: Richard DePrisco


CATAGORY: Religious, Poetry, Inspirational

Kindergarter Snakes

SKU: 9781597552028
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