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Weird, quirky, and a lot of fun! Who wouldn't want a teacher like that? Ms. Franklin is an African American elementary school teacher. Her quirkiness, along with her unique personality and innovative teaching style, makes her the perfect candidate for imparting wisdom and knowledge to all of her students. Join Ms. Franklin as she takes learning to a whole new level, with a series of books, touching on every subject area and more. "I will always love Ms. Franklin. There's no wrong that she can do. If you ever get to know her, you will surely love her, too!" A native of Beaumont, Texas, Author, Elzadia D. Meguess is a certified, elementary school teacher. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Education, and has been teaching for fifteen (15) years. She finds joy in reading and writing, and is inspired by the everyday experiences in the classroom. Elzadia's passion is educating children, and she believes that she is "Anointed" to make a hard job look easy. She has been married to her husband, Donald, for twenty-seven years.


Author: Elzadia Meguess


Catagories: Inspirational, Childrens

It's All About Ms. Franklin

SKU: 9781597553117
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