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Never has there been more of an epidemic of insecurity in America than now. Never before has it overtaken people so strongly. Insecurity is so prevalent because we have our values and principles based on man’s strength, man’s money, man’s wisdom, and man’s power. What a pitfall! Insecurity may be the number one enemy of all of us. Look around and see all the temptations to show ourselves this way or make our status update look that way. The lie whispered constantly to us is that we have to have this or become that to have security and confidence.


This book discusses the problems of insecurity and then gives biblical answers that lead to true security in Christ. We hope that this book is as much a help to you as it has been to us in writing and processing it in our own lives in light of the security we have in Christ.



Dr. Sam Williams, a psychologist and family counselor for over thirty years, lives in Beaufort, NC. His brother, Dr. Brad Williams, an ophthalmologist for more than thirty years, lives in Greenville, SC.



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Insecurity (eBook)

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