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Warning: The content of these pages is not politically correct and may be offensive to some people. On Abortion. Abortion is unconstitutional! Yes, I believe the justices erred when they said it was a woman's choice and allowed the acts of abortion to be committed in our country. If you study the definitions of the words in the constitution and preamble, which is part of the constitution, you will find that the founding fathers of this country knew more than we think they did. Posterity is future generations and you will find this in the preamble of the great document. How can we legally (constitutionally) destroy future generations under the guise of the document that seemingly protects them? On Marriage. Husbands, Wives, and Lovers: I can hear some of you now! Oh, good here comes the juicy stuff! WRONG! Here comes more of the same. Husbands and wives SHOULD be lovers forever. The vows of matrimony clearly state "till death do you part!" More inside.


AUTHOR: Larry Potts



Ima Krischen

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