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In every corner of our 21st Century world we see calls for "unity, oneness, seeing ourselves as in this battle together." It makes sense. Our world is a divided place. The call even dominated the 2021 presidential inaugural acceptance speech, and the celebrated poetry reading that followed. The problem we face is very few of us have a vision for how to make this "togetherness" happen or have enough conviction to actually invest in the message.


In If We Stick Together, a 12-year-old boy, reeling from the damaging impact of his parents' divorce, offers each of us an example of how to find a sense of togetherness within conflict. Through his love for the simple yet complex game of basketball, Marcus Lambert reveals what it means to find common ground. He helps us recognize we will have differences, while at the same time introducing a blueprint for celebrating the dreams and passions we share.



Michael La Sage’s greatest honor has been serving young people for roughly 30 years as an English teacher, a school leader, and as an advocate for all students.


The proud father of three young adults, Michael’s rich, diverse background has prepared him to value all others. He hopes each of us will do the same.



SELF-HELP: Motivational & Inspirational



Unity; Togetherness; Togetherness poem; Amanda Gorman; Amada Gorman the hill we climb; Amanda Gorman poetry book the hill we climb; togetherness; self help; motivational; Inspirational


If We Stick Together

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