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This book is for the one searching for answers or hoping to learn a gain in the way of story form. The talent is given by Christ and He is the one who maintained the writing. The way of the committed work is to share the light of the Risen Savior. God has the gift to give and in this work it shines brightly.



Robin Arne is dedicated to the role of sharing the hope to others who need to hear the truth of the Word. God cares about her strategy in writing, and He favors her with the will of His hand. The witness is for all to learn and gain. It is her lifestyle to stand on behalf of the many who have found her writings and to tell the witness of grace. God is true in His demeanor, and He offers the light of Him to Robin’s pen. Her daily work is to hear the Scripture words and to have the faith it takes to lead others for the sake of Christ. She is not alone, and many others have this same drive. She has learned she stands with the bride of God and in doing so her heart engages with unity. She now has the knowing ability to offer light and unity. God has shown her where to place her heart and it is with Him in the way of professing the faith of God to all. The plan to share God is all that inspires Robin. She works both in clay and with writing, so she has many forms of outreach. Today, she has the honor of hearing the Lord speak and this is a gift she claims is righteous. The unity is a sight of birth she invests in. Scripture is the lead of faith she gains and, in the reading, comes the vision of support. Her heart is faith bearing; so she stands in the wait for others to learn as she has.



RELIGION: Christian Life – Inspirational

RELIGION: Christian Life – Spiritual Growth

RELIGION: Christian Theology – Eschatology



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I'm A Scared Witness

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