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When he was 27, Charles Pringle began a search for answers to his questions about life, death and his "spiritual missing part." His research, detailed in his new book, "I Choose Heaven," takes the reader through the pages of the Bible to find God's answers to our deepest heart questions. 


God gives each of us a choice about where we will spend eternity: Heaven or Hell. I Chose Heaven: How to avoid eternity in hell, explains the choice presented to each of us, God's love concept, Jesus' sacrifice, our need to be born again and reunited with his Holy Spirit, and how to grow and live a spiritually mature Christians.



I was born in McKeesport, PA. I have been a Spiritually Born Again Christian for 51 years. I was married once for 48 years; and we had 6 children. I worked for the USAF for a total of 57.5 years. Have B.S. and M.S. in Engineering.


RELIGION: Christian Life – Inspirational

RELIGION: Christian Theology – Apologetics



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I Chose Heaven

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