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Hidden in Genesis addresses enigmatic verses and paradoxes in the Biblical book of Genesis. Have you not been challenged by the Genesis 6 account of fallen angels and their offspring, the Nephilim? Get ready for an astonishing roller coaster ride of revelations hidden in the first eleven chapters of Genesis.


Scripture reveals that this earth has been a battleground between angelic forces, and we will see this again in the end times. Fallen angels attempted to rule over mankind, and mated with human women resulting in the Nephilim, a genetic hybrid species that God had the Israelites wipe out. The Bible does not provide much detail, but there are extra Biblical materials that tell us more…much more.


As I delved into Scripture, I was drawn into development of this book because I found no others that addressed the conflicts between the ancient history being taught to our children and the real history presented in Genesis. I was saved over 25 years ago, and before I accepted salvation, I had prayed to God to know the truth: if God was indeed the Creator, if Jesus Christ was LORD, if I was going to get to heaven, etc. God answered that prayer and gave me the gift of faith to seal it and preserve it. I now know that Scripture is the absolute truth. But God amended His answer to my 25-year-old prayer to know the complete truth by revealing to me some of the many realities concealed in His Word.




  • Knauber is a magna cum laude graduate of Villanova University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics. He has also done MBA coursework at Temple University in Philadelphia and Gannon University n Erie, PA. Paul has worked in laboratory research and development environments doing work in fiber optics, magnetic switching, and laser isotope separation. While he has several years of Operations Management experience, the majority of his business career was in the field of electronic power conversion in Applications Engineering, Program Management, Marketing Management, and General Management. He has authored multiple articles for industry publications in power electronics. He retired in 2012 but continued to perform consulting work through 2019. Since then, having a passionate faith in Biblical historicity, Hidden in Genesis represents the summary of his investigations into the earliest parts of the Genesis account, addressing the implications and consequences of this commonly dismissed or avoided but intriguing span of our ancient history. He married his wife Neli (nee Wakulin) in 1977; she is also retired and they currently live in Green Valley, AZ.



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Hidden In Genesis

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