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We, as a nation of the Most High, know without a shadow of a doubt that there are many mysteries in this world... one of those mysteries include the spiritual warfare that many souls face on a daily basis.  What if you could catch another glimpse into this solemn mystery that surrounds the spiritual warfare of both men and angels?  Well, climb aboard the Great Ship! Along with Henry and his Mama as he begins his voyage across the seven seas!  


Yes, the Archangel Michael did fight against the Prince of Persia in order to deliver a profound message to the Prophet Daniel from the very Throne of Heaven... but, how have those spiritual, and heavenly, battles evolved over time? Specifically, since the times of the Beloved of Christ, John of Patmos, who received the most profound Book of Revelation from our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ...? 


This story... the story of a boy from a small, country town in Old Style England, with a bloodline that traces back to the isles of Ireland and beyond!  A boy named "Young Henry" who is a soldier for Christ! And, his mission is critical!  But, just how critical is it?  Simply begin to turn the pages of his book and get lost (and found!) in the mystical realms and spiritual journeys throughout the Heavenly Cosmos of the Most High.


Young Henry's adversary is on the attack!!  Whom will be the Supreme Conqueror?!? Saint Henry, or Mr. Green?!!  MARANATHA!



Christopher Jacobs currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area of the United States, and has served almost fifteen years in the public service sector of the U.S. Federal Government. During his college years, his focus studies included the biological, environmental, and genetic sciences. Christopher is an enthusiastic biblical researcher and explorer of the "mysteries." He holds within him a deep and unconditional love for our Lord and Savior, JESUS Christ.



RELIGION: Chritian Life - Inspirational



supernatural mystery; supernatural books; supernatural christian; supernatural faith; supernatural God; inspirational books

Henry and the Great Ship

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