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Writing an unsent letter to a person or experience that has hurt you could be just the tool that takes you from your "stuck" present to your victorious future. Healing Letters presents an insightful 5-step method to approach your toughest obstacles and gain freedom from your spiritual, emotional or relational brokenness. This method gives a productive and progressive structure to unsent letter writing in the healing process. Questions at the end of each chapter help the reader apply the information to their own lives and ultimately to their own healing letter. Lisa uses her personal stories and examples to lead you through the journey. If you have been silenced by your pain, impacted by your experience, unsettled by grief, fallen prey to unforgiveness, believed the lies, searching for righteousness and hope but unable to resist the devil, then Healing Letters will be the refreshment you need to restore your spirit and regain your strength.


Author: Lisa Stough


Categories: Inspirational, Councelling

Healing Letters

SKU: 9781597552387
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