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One of the major controversies of the world today is different religious-belief systems in a Supreme Being known as God. Mankind has an instinct in them about the existence of God who cannot be seen with the aid of the eyes or instruments. So we have different views about God. Some attribute God as being a force, while others believe that God is a form without shape, and are unclear about the existence of God. The knowledge gap difference in knowing who God truly is has been the primary cause of the world’s religious conflict.

Everyone intuitively talks about God whether we deny His existence or not. Who then is God?


By using The Word of God as reference, Alfred Adjarho explains who God really is and how man can understand Him. 


Alfred Adjarho is a child of God who has studied the word of God for almost three decades. He is married and has three children. He has a bachelor degree in Mathematics.


Author: Alfred Adjarho


Category: Apologetics


God: The Controversy of World Religions

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