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To better know who leads the heart, look into the words herein. This reference is steadfast against the darkness of doubt. When reading this knowledge, engage in scripture and learn the interconnected way God delivers a truth statement. Through Him man is able to engage with His person. The unity is ever present, and the hope of a true commitment will blossom.


If you fail at literature, read the words contained on this profile. It will enhance your knowledge and graft to your spirit the insight of who God is as a person. His care is taught and revealed by way of knowledge to the mind. A study of God’s Word will align the knowledge and graft it to your person. God never fails.


This material displays the bond of God to His people. In the care He showers upon the written pages, a unity is broadcast and dispersed therein acceptance of unique intellect is presented to the heart. The goal is to enhance the knowledge you will glean upon the benefit of the Bible. No other words best describe the character of God. Lean into His person and delve into His righteousness. The opportunity to know Him in a more personal manner comes through on every page.


This book is not a replacement to the truth of the Bible. It is simply an aide to adhere to. God divulges to all who He is personally when they apply their heart toward His Magistrate. Knowing how to pursue in the faith the one called Savior is a gift we can all obtain. Create a bond with God and set your heart toward more knowledge that He is the great I am. God will speak to your witness and a unity will ensue. Show Him favor and He will likewise grant you His person in the way of understanding and faith will ensue. You’re not alone. He is ever faithful to guide and sublet your connection to Him. Call on the King and be enlightened with care and hope in a balance forever more.




Today Robin Arne replaces moments in time with prayer and reading of the Word of God. She builds with clay and produces written material for many to learn from or hear her insights and thoughts. She is a witness who never forgets where to look for true comfort or hope. She prepares daily by trusting God’s direction and gleaning a true connection with His person. She realizes only God can build true character and that His perspective on how to live is what lies at the core of a true witness. Shouldering the responsibility of others is not her work. She is not the hope or true measure of a plan. She simply knows Jesus is the one to follow and she expresses this in her writing material. God is the one to pursue. He is the one to gain insight from and He is the goal Robin sets forth. He never fails her, and she sets her sights toward His person. Today is the opportunity for you to do the same. Trust in scripture and learn the importance of what really matters.



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RELIGION: Christian Living – Spiritual Growth

RELIGION: Christian Living – Personal Growth



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God's Manifestation of The Heart

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