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Jim Ross had a documented miracle healing in his blind eye during an amazing, born-again type of experience. This inspired him to passionately undertake a physical and spiritual healing ministry where he witnessed Jesus heal thousands of people. 


God’s Health Care Plan is a comprehensive Christian book about healing to aid anyone seeking a healing or learning about healing ministry. One pastor aptly described this book as an encyclopedia of healing. People who have experienced healing and felt all the love and power from the Lord, usually want to learn more about Jesus and healing scriptures. Many of them have the revelation that Jesus is more than a historical figure, He is alive! 


All of the pertinent topics of healing are covered and there are about 850 verses included for study. Everyone can learn about healing in this book, from the most recent baby Christian to the true Bible scholar.



James Ross has prayed with people for healing, teaching them how to do healing ministry, and how to prepare for receiving healing for about 40 years. He was a teacher and administrator for 30 years. He received his B.A. degree (Political Science, Psychology and Economics) from the University of Michigan, an M.A. degree (educational administration) from Eastern Michigan University, and an Educational Specialist (Educational Leadership} from the University of Michigan.


God's Healthcare Plan

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