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God’s Grand Design of All Creation For Your Redemption is a Book of Peace, of Hope, Joy, Wonderment, Fascination, Endless Learning and never ending Love that goes beyond our imaginations. All of which and more is waiting for us who love our Father in Heaven.


This book contains the exact words dictated by our Loving Almighty Father in Heaven, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother Mary as transcribed by their anointed messenger Richard Ferguson


It was written by the wishes of our Holy Father in Heaven for you dear child of God. It is intended for God’s sacred Children, no one else that does not believe. This is the first book of its kind  written in a format to meet modern needs. It contains a wealth of new information going beyond the contents of the Bible yet being consistent with Biblical content and answers so many questions we Christians have had for so long. 


God's Grand Design of All Creation For Your Redemption

SKU: 9781597557252
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