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Young children seem to innately know their special talents, and they easily express excitement when asked, "What do you want to do when you grow up?" Unfortunately, when children become pre-teens, we tend to stop asking the question. Schools prioritize generic education over nurturing natural abilities. When children lose their focus as they enter the teenage years, their self-esteem begins to plummet and their special gifts are submerged in a cloud of self-doubt. It can be difficult for an adolescent to see the path which joins a unique ability to a fulfilling career. Feelings of powerlessness are often the result when children fail to see how their talents can contribute to God's world. Sadly, in an effort to fill the need to feel powerful many teens engage in destructive behavior. "God Gave You a Power," can help children see another way to feel powerful by recognizing the value of practicing the gifts God gave them, and how those gifts can enrich the world when they are grown.


AUTHOR: Dorothy Szypuliski


CATAGORY: Children Education, Children & Youth

God Gave You a Power

SKU: 9781597553414
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