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Prosperity is what Jesus teaches. Prosperity is at the heart of his message. He starts his ministry with turning water into wine; how outrageous is that? He finishes with giving Peter a great catch of great fishes, making Peter a wealthy man. In between, he repeatedly tells you and I what the rules of prosperity are and how we can be prosperous ourselves. We ask the question, "What does Jesus mean when he uses the words of Isaiah 'I bring good news to the poor' as his Mission Statement?" Does he mean, "You don't have to be poor any more?" Does he intend that you and I should enjoy abundance? This book examines the, parables, miracles, teaching and examples which reveal how Jesus does it and wants us to do it too, whoever we are, so that we can be prosperous. "Give me this day my daily bread" is the most prosperous prayer ever uttered. Malcolm Baxter has spent his working life in Financial Services, mostly as a successful Financial Adviser in his own business. For fifty years, Malcolm has been an active Christian, with a teaching, mentoring and pastoral ministry and he assists in running Tring workplace church, England. Married to Margaret, they have four children and seven grandchildren.


AUTHOR: Malcolm Baxter


CATAGORY: Christian Life, Inspirational

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

SKU: 9781597553322
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