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Get Free and Stay Free is a practical guide on how to get delivered from evil spirits and also receive inner healing. It also will explain the big picture of the spiritual warfare and what the overall goal is. Its content is applicable for both parties, the one who needs deliverance as well as the one who ministers deliverance. We have seen how people have been set free from evil spirits and how these spirits attempted to come back with violence. This book gives you practical and powerful steps on how you can attain freedom and stay free. It portrays the wider picture of deliverance, including curses. It can also serve as a guideline to leave with someone who has just experienced deliverance.


Therefore, it will be useful to pastors and church leaders when faced with perplexing issues in their congregations. It is valuable to anyone, who unwittingly has become affected by spiritual or mental hindrances.



David Ohin grew up in Switzerland and after leaving his career in Swiss banking, attended The Faith Mission Bible College (UK). He then worked for that organization full-time in Scotland and England for 12 years. In 2015 he founded "Gospel Alive Ministries" and works as an evangelist and preacher travelling internationally, conducting gospel crusades with his team. Increasingly, he is involved with healing and deliverance ministry. David is happily married with two children and lives in England.



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Get Free and Stay Free

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