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Foods That Heal, Foods That Kill. Staying Healthy And Alive Standing On The Promises Of God. Did you ever think that anything God created had the potential to kill? My friends, everything God created from the very beginning was perfect and good. Why then do we need to be careful with certain foods and write about those that can make you sick and even take you to the grave? Is it God, the enemy, or maybe us, the one responsible for the "fall" of even the foods that God created with the intention of making man strong? My friends, the enemy did not waste any time to "attack" what God had created to bless men. Of course! The foods were the next and most vulnerable things that he saw "fit" to poison man with. How dare anyone complain or blame God saying, "I hate this or that food". Do you know the amount of love and work involved in the creation of all the food groups God intended for man to enjoy and say, "Praise God from whom all foods come from?" It is my prayer for you that this book can not only open your "spiritual eyes" to see the mistakes you are making in your diet; but also open you "spiritual ears" to listen only to the voice of God. My friends, you will never regret the decision you will make by purchasing a book this simple, this wise and this powerful just like the person who inspired it - Jesus. It may even heal you and heal millions of people with a miracle by the very hand of Jesus. If you do what He always used to command, "Those who have ears let them hear," then, - "Woman, man, child, your faith has healed you!"- will be His response as usual! Praise God from whom all blessed foods come from! Amen!


AUTHOR: Neysa Cacares


CATAGORY: Christian Life, General

Foods that Heal, Foods that Kill

SKU: 1597550868
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