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The problem with postmodernism and its stepchild, multiculturalism, is that they have opened a door that leads a culture towards the decon­struction of all moral truth. In respect to sexual norms, multiculturalism leads to multisexualism. It disallows God to break into our world and proclaim his truth. True truth, said Francis Schaeffer, indeed exists. It is not found in culture. Neither is it found in human reasoning. It is found in the words and deeds of Almighty God who has invaded this world and has made Himself known to humankind.


Hence, rather than claiming that everyone in the West is now a multiculturalist, as Nathan Glazer insists, it would be better said that a culture war is still raging on this topic. 


Greer’s book Faith and Life: Facing the Challenges of Multiculturalism is part of that culture war. It makes the case that multiculturalism is deceptive, once one carefully looks at its substructure and practices. Rather than opening the door to a “live and let live” societal environment, multiculturalism is aggressively triumphalistic and transformative of society in ways that should alarm the Christian public.


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Robert C. Greer, Ph.D., adjunct professor of theology at both Liberty University and Judson University. He is a graduate of the Sacramento Bible Institute, received his M.A. in theological and biblical studies at Wheaton College and a Ph.D. in systematic theology at Marquette University.


Categories: Religion, Chriastian Living, Inspirational


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Faith and Life

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