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Experiencing the 25th Hour shows a woman's walk of faith as she encountered trials that shook the foundations of her Christian beliefs. It will afford you insight on how to transfer your pain into an awareness of your unfathomable strength, possibilities and opportunities. Beverly has learned the meaning of walking with God in public and private blessings as well as in deep trials.

Vonette Z. Bright, Co-Founder, Campus Crusade For Christ, International


Experiencing The 25th Hour speaks into the lives of individuals as they make the hard choices that life presents.

Dr. Bishop Ernestine C. Reems Center of Hope Community Church, Oakland, CA


An honest portrayal of a woman's struggle in holding on to God's promises while the life of her son hangs in the balance.

Dr. Friedhelm K. Radandt, President Emeritus, The Kings College, NYC

Experiencing the 25th Hour

SKU: 1597550264
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