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Sharing our faith in the 21st Century has changed. We used to pass out tracks or go door to door to witness. Now thanks to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, the opportunity to witness is at our fingertips. We can connect with family, former classmates or long-lost friends, some of whom we have not seen or spoken to in years every day. This book has a quick guide to making your own posts and tweets as well as hundreds of inspirational quotes and sayings that are ready to copy into your favorite social network site. Author Karen Stone-Janiczek has built more than a thousand daily followers on her sites just by sharing her faith and inspirational thoughts. This has made her a more effective Christian witness than ever before in her life. It is my hope that you will become effective in sharing your faith by using the 21st Century technology that is at your fingertips! If I can make a difference doing this, so can you!


Author: Karen Stone Janiczek


Categories: Inspirational, Christian Ministry, Evangelism


SKU: 9781597552721
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