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Science proves that ancient Bible scriptures accurately described the creation sequence of the universe and major groups of living organisms. Today, humans can reproduce very crude examples of instant creation in the lab using 3D bioprinting that requires intentional engineered design. Animal life includes trillions of interacting cellular nanocomputers that use: computer programs, nanobatteries, alternators, two-cycle nanmotors, interacting nanoclocks, 3D nanoencryption, plus a computer network hub animal brain with 3D relative motion imaging cameras and built-in worldwide GPS navigation far more advanced, efficient, repairable and self-fabricating than any human designs. Dinosaur features and behaviors including some similarities to birds were accurately described first in the ancient Bible book of Job and confirmed ny science today, but the Bible never stated that dinosaurs lived during the time of Job, Noah or Adam. Many instantly appearing fully formed organisms are still alive today with over 220 million years of nearly unchanged fossil stasis including Cyanobacteria, Coelacanth Fish, frogs, crocodiles, jellyfish, flowering trees, sharks scorpions and dragon flies (swamp flies). Rigorous science can prove that animals only experience small variation "after their kind" as the Bible described and Darwin copied. Godless macroevolution between different kinds is disproved today by more rigorous science using complete 3D fossils, frozen ancient real tissue samples, mtDNA, improved radio carbon dating, statistics, cancer research, AIDS research, decades of Mars rovers and exposed evolutionary blunders, corruption, threats and fraud. The last Neanderthals became extinct thousands of years before the first humans instantly appeared on a separate continent. The first complete family of 3D in situ homo erectus skulls proves they resembled occasionally upright Bonobo apes today. Iceman Otzi's 5,300 year old frozen brain, organs advanced tools, weapons, medicines and DNA were the same as humans alive today. Thousands of artifacts confirm the Bible literally including the Exodus of Moses, King David in Israel, Noah's Ark, the Dead Sea Scrolls and 2,600 year old Ketef Hinnon Scrolls that mention the name of God... Yahweh. Science reveals hundreds of anthropic principles of an unimaginably finely tunes universe intentionally designed for intelligent observers. The Bible described nonlinear time, the folding curtain of space-time fabric and wormhole doors to heaven thousands of years before science. Science exposes the pain, raging anger and deception of homosexuality, feminism, abortion, illegal drugs, revised history and global warming. Rigorous analysis reveals that the leaders of evolution typically were scientifically illiterate or had phony or illegal degrees. Scientifically analyzed repeatable miracles, fulfilled prayers and Bible prophecy from angels in human form disprove evolution.


AUTHOR: Jeff Woodward


CATAGORY: Science, Life Sciences, Evolution

Evolution is Not Science PB

SKU: 9781597553575
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