Did Jesus father any children?

Are any of the descendants of the half-siblings of Jesus alive today?

What role did the desposyni have in the early church? 

What did Jesus mean when he said that all who obey God the Father are his mother, brothers and sisters?

If we know Christ as Savior, can we rightfully call ourselves desposyni?

Is the novel The DaVinci Code based upon sound scholarship, or is it a sham? 


These and other questions pertaining to desposynism — that is, the descendants of the nuclear family of Joseph and Mary — are answered in DaVinci’s Code Exposed. 


In this book, Robert C. Greer takes the reader on a journey, examining that which he calls Old Desposynism, False Desposynism and New Desposynism. As these three versions are presented, The DaVinci Code will be considered and exposed for what it is: a sham hoisted upon an unsuspecting public. Yet, Dr. Greer does not leave the reader disappointed. He continues the journey and presents a version of desposynism, that which he calls “new desposynism,” and reveals its enormous pra