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Have you experienced father wounds from the absence or lack of attachment to a father? Are you hungry for love, belonging and healing due to the voids created by fatherlessness? Father hunger is a prominent wound that impacts thousands of children and adults every day. In fact, many of those that are fatherless succumb to harmful statistics, but in Daddy Hunger, Nell Jackson and Tish Granville offer a path to healing and will help you to:


  • Build curiosity and gain clarity about the hunger pangs and deficits caused by fatherlessness
  • Have compassion for yourself as you help heal the hurt parts within
  • Creatively and courageously do the inner work to heal father wounds
  • Connect with Abba and invite Him to nourish your deepest longings and needs


Daddy Hunger is full of metaphors, anecdotes, sacred truths, processing questions, resources and exercises to help you move from empty to full, fragmented to whole, and hungry to healed.



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Health and Fitness – Mental Health - Anxiety

Parenting & Relationships – Fatherhood

Social Sciences: Psychology – Developmental Psychology

Jungian Psychology

Daddy Hunger

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