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The Book of Nehemiah teaches core principles for restoration no matter what kind of loss we might have experienced as Christians. Whether from death, illness, miscarriage, rejection, bankruptcy, estrangement, we can all relate to loss. Saddled with divine wisdom, the Book of Nehemiah provides a guide for us to be Christlike in our thinking and approach to these life situations. Using the principles of restoration from the Book of Nehemiah, Dr. Feyi Obamehinti teaches and shares about her journey of healing and wholeness from emotional and psychological abuse. A specific approach is used to explain the principles that will help Christians break free and grow in their walk with God. This study book will demonstrate that with faith, prayer, integrity and God’s help we can thrive in our walk with God no matter the abuse or loss. We all can come out stronger in our love and service for God, just like Nehemiah and Feyi.


Dr. Feyi Obamehinti: wife, mother, an ordained minister of the gospel is a Bible Teacher, speaker, author, co-founder on nonprofit Oasis Focus Inc., co-host of Oasis Connection a Christian TV program and business owner of Ravir LLC was born in Phoenix, AZ to Nigerian parents. She grew up in Nigeria with her paternal grandparents.

Crushed to Restored

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