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Cross Over From Death To Life is a record of the life experiences of Gao Guang. He is a man of great accomplishments as a violinist who endured a tragic life altering accident only to find the true meaning of life.


It is the story of Gao’s spiritual journey from darkness into light. A story of the weakness of man and the immense love of God. The prodigal son returned home and a dying soul being revived.


Cross over from Death to Life took seven years to complete and was first published in Chinese by Voice Books Ltd., Hong Kong in 2014. Shortly after it was published, the book was circulated in many cities and villages in China, and it was very well-received. Thousands copies were circulated.


This book records the life experience of Gao Guang, in which a pair of invisible hands are in the guidance and arrangement. Do you believe in this invisible God that is truly living among us? This book tells you about the wonderful things that God had done in him, so that we may know Him, the creator of all things.



Gao Guang, the author, a Chinese freelance Christian evangelist in China since 2005, was born in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China in 1958. He was very gifted in music and performance art. In 1991, he was badly burnt in a fire at home caused by a gas leak, but he survived and later turned to God.


REL012040 RELIGION / Christian Living / Inspiratiopnal


BIO002020 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Cultural, Ethnic & Regional / Asian 



miracles; Inspirational; perseverance; perseverance  book; NDE; NDE Books; NDE near death experience

Cross Over From Death To Life

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