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Many new Christians find themselves attempting to understand how their interactions with those souls God has placed into their lives can be a catalyst for their personal growth, as well as an opportunity to demonstrate God's call to love one another as ourselves. They may sense an inner emptiness due to a lack of peace of mind, knowing that they have a spiritual and emotional void, yet unable to find what can fill that space sufficiently. Learning to die to our selfish nature is key. Unfortunately, it often takes a broken relationship or similar tragedy for us to examine our personal characteristics to the point that we can see our faults and frailties, and then embrace the change required to become better. While working through his own personal loss the author has compiled these thoughts in an effort to address the challenges that many of us will encounter, or life skills we need to embrace.


AUTHOR: C.C. Ericson


CATAGORY: Christian Life, Love & Marriage, Family & Relationships, Long-Term Relationships

Conversations with a Dead Man

SKU: 9781597553094
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