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Conquer Mathematics: Tips for any student to succeed in math

Do you struggle with Standardized Math tests? Scoring better on standardized tests is hard for some students. Anand Mittal is a student himself, and in his new book, Conquer Mathematics, he shares his study skills that can help fellow students score well on standardized math tests!


Conquer Mathematics is an excellent tool for those who have tried nothing and those who have tried everything. The study tips laid out are fantastic and anyone that can follow these steps will definitely improve their score on standardized math tests.”

Noah Franske – Edina High School

"Today the ACT/SAT score is not only used for college admittance but for scholarships. With higher education cost only increasing the difference in a few points on the ACT/SAT score can amount to thousands of dollars in Scholarship money. This environment has put a huge amount of pressure on students to increase their scores. In Conquer Mathematics, Anand Mittal sets out a method for developing a successful study plan for all students to improve their scores. This plan is not dependent on the student's skill level or background so it will be useful for a wide audience. He shows a clear grasp of the issues facing today's math students and offers a variety of techniques to overcome those issues."

Dr. Jennifer Stone - Auburn University of Undergraduate Studies, Business Calculus Course Coordinator


Author: Anand Mittal


Categories: Mathematics, College Entrance

Conquer Mathematics

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