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Every day is a challenge to make the correct decision in life, making sure all we do is not in vain. Life is not a system not to be checked. Consequently, to make sure we are on target, it is important to challenge ourselves in uncomfortable and comfortable times in our lives. Challenge Yourself to Freedom... allows you to read and check your own character to make sure you are working the plan of God while understanding God is on your side for your victory. God wants you to win... but not only win but also win with God's character. The following pages will strike a chord in your spirit to make you say yea or ouch! Both responses will allow you to keep striving to your best "you", you want to be. Everyone is looking to be the best they can, but will they live the challenge? Read and see.


Author: Felicia Palmer


Categories: Poetry, Inspirational, Religious

Challenge Yourself to Freedom

SKU: 9781597553407
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