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I have got to get out of here! This was my thought, three months after accepting a leadership position with a Fortune 500 retail company. Although the job itself was a definite match for my skills and experience, I just could not seem to grasp the company culture, and if I am being honest, I did not try very hard.


Carpet Fit for a King focuses on my faith journey after I decided to leave the company and acquire a carpet mill even though I knew absolutely nothing about the textile industry, much less, how to make carpet. The carpet mill fiasco helped me to understand God’s pattern and use the tools that He has given us to overcome the lies of the enemy. Even when I thought my heart would jump out of my chest for fear, I practiced saying what God has already said about the circumstance, and through persistence, obtained the victory!



MK Lynn is an industrial security professional with over twenty years of experience partnering with executive teams of Fortune 500 companies. She is a wife and the mother of one daughter, and her passion is to help others discover the promises of God that will place them on a customized path to purpose and blessing.



MK Lynn blends her faith journey with reassuring biblical teachings and offers practical wisdom for personal and business growth in her work Carpet Fit for a King. Growing up in a family business, Lynn learned the value of business ownership from her father. Later, she left her leadership role at a global Fortune 500 retail company and started a carpet mill business with her husband. Lynn chronicles her journey of faith and the lessons she gleaned while running the business. The work also draws insights from other life-defining events including Lynn’s husband’s life-threatening medical emergency, the couple’s move from Michigan to California, a real estate meltdown, their leaving formal jobs, and the 2008 economic recession and its impact on business.

While covering these events, the work pauses and evaluates each of them from a biblical standpoint. The result is a book packed with many faith lessons that can be applied in personal, business, and career life. The work challenges its audience to apply faith in their lives and not just rely on worldly systems. I loved how each experience included is matched with a corresponding verse or teaching. I also found the couple’s resilience inspiring and learned from their experiences which include taking risks and refusing to give up despite facing daunting obstacles throughout their lives. The exploration of what the term 'kingdom' means in a biblical context is eye-opening. Carpet Fit for a King by MK Lynn is an enlightening work with actionable faith-based lessons for daily living


Reviewed by Edith Wairimu for Readers’ Favorite



Inspirational books; inspirational books for women; self help books; spiritual growth



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Carpet Fit For A King

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