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This is the story of a man who grew up in a poor and very simple environment with only basic education. He then learned, however, to pug God’s promises into action. By being diligent and thrifty, he acquired standing and wealth.


He not only received an Oscar, the Scientific and Engineering Award, in Hollywood but many other international awards. Everybody in the professional movie world around the globe knows his company.


God marvelously carried him through a severe crisis that almost cost him his whole empire. God has enriched him both spiritually and financially.


You will be surprised! The miracles he has experienced will also encourage you to grow in faith.



I have had some positive feedback since my book was published in Germany. People were touched and blessed by this book and even went out to buy their first Bible. I have seldom felt the love of Jesus through a book as much as through your lines. I could literally feel your joy and love for Him and it has aroused such a longing and hunger for more! Thank your from the bottom of my heart for writing down your wonderful story.



Your book gives everyone the courage to trust God and is incredibly strengthening and uplifting. I am really excited about the great guidance of God in your life and I think this book can be recommended to young people who are at the beginning of their faith and professional life.



God spoke to me directly through your book. I read the lines and sometimes felt the love of God so deeply that it brought me to tears. Elsewhere, I laughed at your humor. I think it’s incredibly beautiful how you work for God and how many people you’ve done good.



This is really a heart and spirit moving biography and a testimony to our great God, who never ends when it seems that we humans cannot go on. Continue to be blessed. It is so nice that we got to know you.




The author was born in 1942 and has been married for over 50 years. He has 2 children and 5 grandchildren.


Erich Fitz realized his childhood dream in the 1960’s, which he had been pursuing since he was eight years old: moving pictures that create enthusiasm - so he became a cameraman.


Years later he invented the perfect device for filming: the world’s first electro-mechanical camera dolly, which was awarded with an Oscar I Hollywood in 1990.


Erich Fitz builds an entire empire according to the biblical principle of sowing and harvesting. But then God literally let him go through hell to test his faith.


During a challenging crisis, the Holy Spirit put in his heart to write down everything that happened in a book.



RELIGION: Christian Living – Inspirational

RELIGION: Christian Living – Business & Professional Growth



christian business books; business ethics books; business success books; business success stories.

Business With God

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