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Meet Little Miss Suntunzy! She loves books and calls herself a book pusher. She says a book pusher is someone who tries to get others to read. Miss Suntunzy takes books with her wherever she goes. She wants everyone to love reading as much as she does.


In #bookpusher, she tells readers why she loves reading and how she became a book pusher. Miss Suntunzy believes everyone can learn to love reading if they know how much fun it can be.


The author, Dr. Porchaneé A. White, shares how she developed such a passionate appetite for reading through the delightful eyes of Little Miss Suntunzy. She is a book pusher and loves when someone suddenly realizes the joy of reading. If you want to encourage your child, students family, friends or even yourself to develop a love for reading books, just read about Little Miss Suntunzy in #bopokpusher.


Dr. Porchaneé A. White holds Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctorate (Ph.D.) degrees in education. She has served as a teacher, administrator and reading academy director. Dr. White is a faculty member at Lamar University. Visit her website for more information at where she blogs. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.


Children’s Fiction, Juvenile Literacy


SKU: 9781597554657
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