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A call to action for Trump supporters to consider Bobby Kennedy Jr. in the event that Donald Trump is not available.


Here's what I'm thinking: If, by the start of the primary/caucus season (or at least, early on), we should happen to find that, for whatever reason, Donald Trump has been knocked out of the box, would it not be in our best interests to go over to the other side and vote in the Democratic primaries and caucuses to hand RFK, Jr. the Democratic nomination? A retired lawyer who is a life-long Libertarian and a like-minded soul, Kathleen Harward, has already done some groundbreaking research on this in terms of who would be eligible to vote in the Democratic primary or caucus in any given state, and how far in advance one would have to declare one's self to be a Democrat (if a prior declaration would even be needed at all) in order to participate in the nominating process:

Bobby's Raiders

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