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Age of Peril

The world is never so big as it is at the age of four. You sense the bigness, and the unknowing makes it so so larger.


For four-year-old Amah, his world is going to become bigger very quickly.


There is the good stuff… There are deep friendships with the dancing lights, with a good-hearted doctor and his son (who is a chip off the old block), and life's first real friendships with neighbors and school friends.


But there are the frantic dangerous battles with bullies and dark beachheads. There is the need to hold and persist, and to find and grip the seeds of safety in the whirl of your most desperate adventure.


It is parables wrapped in allegories--inside fantasy, inside time bubbles of past and future. It is reality reframed…



Come and see…



Greg & Kathy Weller have a combined background in counselling, church ministry and education. In particular, Kathy was a counsellor by trade, and Greg a geeky teacher. They are thrilled to have found each other--though later in life.


Currently residing in Queensland, Australia, they love discovering and trying out wacky new date ideas.



RELIGION: Literature & Fiction - Fiction

FICTION: Christian / Classic- Allegory



the shack; allegory; fantasy books; fantasy; fantasy novels; fantasy writing; parables; parable stories for life;




Age of Peril

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