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Eighteen Stories of the Amazing Village of Winfield, Illinois a Town that Sets Its Own Pace with Character, Cgarm and Beauty.



I’ve been waiting a long time for a book like A Place to Discover. It causes readers to fall in love with the village and, hopefully, deepens within them a civic pride that leads to civic participation.

Erik Spande, President of the Village of Winfield


It is with excitement that I recommend this book. Winfield is very dear to my heart, and this book captures what I have felt about this wonderful town and its residents for a long time. It is also a must read for anyone considering moving to Winfield.

Kathy Agresti, President of the Greater Winfield Chamber of Commerce


A substantial book. It should be required reading in school for all the children who live in Winfield, not to mention all the rest of us.

Jim McCurdy, Village Trustee of Winfield


The book has heart and contains much useful information. It makes me glad that Winfield is my home.

Philip Mustes, Village Trustee of Winfield


In this riveting book, Robert Greer has compiled a treasure of many natural and cultural stories that make up the village of Winfield. An inspiring read!

Jack Bajor, former Village Trustee of Winfield



Robert C. Greeris an adjunct professor of theology at both Judson University and Liberty University. He received his M.A. in theological and biblical studies at Wheaton College and his Ph.D. in theology at Marquette University. He is also the author of a number of books, including Mapping Post­modernism: A Survey of Christian Options and Qur’an Revealed: A Christian Critique. He and his wife Linda have been residents of Winfield, Illinois since 2006.



A Place To Discover

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