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Everyday Miracles Served Every Day!

What do a piece of pie, a pair of jeans, a broken washing machine, accidents not happening, and coming back from the dead have in common? God!


In all these things and more, our loving Father has interacted with some of His children; your friends and neighbors. God never changes. He always stays the same. The miracles of the past are still being performed, and a few new ones.

God is not dead, and has not changed. So, what has? We have. We have lost our voices, we are afraid to say what He has done for us. No wonder some believe that there is no God. When we who know Him, know what He has done for us say nothing. We are afraid that no one will believe us, or will think us crazy.


In this book are testimonies of people unafraid to speak up. I thank God. He has at last given me the courage to say, “God has spoken to me, saved my life, and I have seen Him.”He also gave me a message from the Holy Spirit, that Time is Short. He is telling us that we are living in the last of days. This book is meant to inform you that He is returning shortly, and to strengthen your faith.


Author: Daniel Cassidy

Category: Religion / Christian Life - Inspirational


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A Piece of Pie

SKU: 9781597555081
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