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Are you a long-time Christian? Are you overly critical of others? Growing up in an evangelical church in the 1950's created the foundation for my faith. But the experience, or should I say, "the times", established an unfortunate mind-set: a most restrictive world view. Buttressed by an unequivocal sense of right and wrong, good and evil, saved and not saved, a critical spirit developed and grew in me. Throughout life I have battled against judging others, especially those I encounter in the evangelical community. The book contains twelve personalities that rubbed me "the wrong way." Though described as individuals, the dozen are actually composites. Some of the details, though minor, are purely fictional. In the final analysis this book is both a confessional and a quirky meditation on the nature of Grace. It challenges the reader, especially the long time believer to think again what Grace is. It is "Amazing" for it reaches out far beyond what we can comprehend.


AUTHOR: Frederick Swanson


CATAGROY: Humor, Religion

A Dozen People I Don't Want to see in Heaven

SKU: 1597551074
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