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You’ve been a redeemed Christian for some time now. But something is still missing. You still don’t know who you are. You don’t truly know God like you had hoped. Or has the pains and trails of this life made it difficult to love God and yourself? Where is the love of God in hard times? Where you ever on the Rock in the first place?  

Steve Berg attempts to realign any Christian’s faith onto to the purist foundation of the relationship that God has always intended for us. That is the challenging, yet life giving bedrock of his love.  

We will never  fully love God without first knowing his perfect acceptance. We will never accept and value ourselves without knowing his love first. We can’t love others until we love ourselves. And when the bottom falls out of our lives, faith in his love gives us a whole new life as we lose our own and accept his ways. 


Author: Steve Berg


Categories: Inspirational, Spiritual Growth

A Christian In Loved

SKU: 9781597554268
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