LOST YOUR JOB, THREATENED BY IMPENDING JOB LOSS, CONFRONTED WITH THE NEED TO CHANGE JOBS, OR SEARCHING FOR YOUR FIRST JOB? The resulting transition involves traumatic change, rollercoaster emotions, new uncertainties, and daunting personal and spiritual challenges.

"What's Next? God's Design For Job Change" uses the lives of 12 Bible characters who changed jobs to explore 24 relevant job transition issues, such as rejection, bitterness, failure, discouragement, waiting, and our personal identity, as well as God's purpose, provident hand, and preparation of us in the context of job change. 

The truths in this study will help provide confidence that God is present and active in your job transition and the He has a specific design for the job search process, your new job, and for you. 

Individuals who are in job transitions, their spouse and pastors, and groups who share the job transition challenge have gained encouragement and direction from the book content. 

Jerry Derck is a committed Christian and retired Human Resources executive, employed the last ten years as top Human Resources officer for IDEX Corporation, a global, N. Y. S. E. manufacturer. During his 35 years of management experience, he made difficult decisions to terminate hundreds of people, provided career counseling to many people both at work and church, and personally faced the trauma of having his job eliminated, as well as being downsized, demoted, and acquired. 

The combination of his first-hand experience and his expertise as a small group Bible study leader provides unique insight into the Bible's answers to the challenging personal and spiritual issues faced during job loss and change.


Author: Jerry Derck


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What's Next? God's Design for Job Change

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