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"... I was awakened at 2 a.m., by the Lord's familiar voice saying, 'I want you to start writing ...' His voice was clear and unmistakable and at that moment I knew what God was calling me to do. This book is written in obedience to Him, as I share what He has taught me through many quiet hours, where illness forced me to spend most of my time lying down." What I Learned Lying Down is an intimate account of the author's journey through the devastating effects of lupus. Out of her experiences, she writes a moving story from more than a decade of chronic illness. Angie is transparent and honest as she opens up her journals, describing the emotional, spiritual and physical pain endured. Using scripture and her own insight, she brings comfort and hope to those who suffer. Whether you are afflicted or not, her heartfelt words are sure to inspire and encourage you. Endorsement: "Ms. Dugi's voice needs to be heard by those enduring chronic suffering, spouses of those who suffer, pastors, counselors, and anyone who wants to better understand Christian suffering. Her words are comforting, insightful, biblical, educational, and helpful. Her story offers the hope that can only come through Jesus Christ." John R. Bisagno, Pastor Emeritus First Baptist Houston


Author: Angela Dugi


Categories: Inspirational

What I Learned Lying Down

SKU: 9781597552592
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