"The first thing I noticed about Ken Dignan when I walked into his Sunday School class at Stone Church 1972 was obvious handicap. Within five minutes my focus moved from his handicap to his gifts. The Ken Dignan I know today is an unusual man of God, a student of the Word with wonderful teaching and ministry gifts. Ken's life is an inspiration to me, not just because he has dealt so remarkably with his handicap, but because Ken is truly a man who wants no more than to please God with his life." "This book, Ken's first, is more than just a book on the subject of divine healing. It is a book about Christian growth, spiritual maturity, and infinite trust in a sovereign God. It goes beyond the clichés and the pat answers. It digs down to where we live and gets to the tougher questions that we sometimes would just as soon avoid." "Take time to read this book carefully and prayerfully, because it has something very important to say to you and for that matter, all the body of Christ." Jerry Rose President, WCFC-TV / Channel 38 (Christian Television: Chicago) Former, President, The National Religious Broadcasters

Til Healing Comes

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