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We live in a depreciating world. Life experiences of abuse, injustice, tragedy and poor choices, lead us to devalue ourselves and others. Buried under inadequacy, inferiority and despair, we struggle to find significance. But, Jesus is The ValueGiver. This book examines God’s healing grace applications toward our hurtful life experiences and His power to redeem our value and purpose. This book:


  • Identifies how we allow life experiences to rob us of self-worth.
  • Speaks to the quest of the soul to find true worth, which is hardwired to the fulfillment of our life purpose and destiny.
  • Offers a pathway of healing from disabling life wounds, negative mindsets and false self-perceptions.
  • Reveals the power of assigning value to redeem lives and empower destinies.
  • Provides practical ways to become a value-giving influence to others.
  • Teaches ministries how to posture themselves as redeeming communities.


Life Equation: Worth = Significance = Purpose = Destiny!




Dallas Elder has been a church planter and senior pastor. He’s currently a ministry coach for leaders in the US and ten foreign countries. His focus includes ministry training and leadership development. He is the Director of Grace Covenant (an international network of churches and ministries) and the Ministry Skills Institute in Kansas City, MO.


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RELIGION: Christin Life – Personal Growth

RELIGION: Christin Life – Spiritual Growth


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The Value Giver

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