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The Faith Equation Mathematical Evidence for Christianity The Faith Equation integrates theology and mathematics to provide apologetic evidence for the Christian faith and is required reading for anyone interested in scientific or mathematical evidence of Christianity.


"Don't be afraid, you can understand this book. Although math was never my forte, I found I could read around the equations when necessary."

DEL HARRIS, former NBA Head Coach of the LA Lakers, Houston Rockets, and Milwaukee Bucks. Ordained Minister, Christian Church.


"Bittinger invites the reader into a rich conversation. His math may intimidate, but he never does. His gentle Christian character shines through."

LEROY LAWSON, International Consultant with CMF International, regular columnist ("From My Bookshelf"), Christian Standard. Former President, Hope International University.


"This is a book of the kind of wacky genius one is lucky enough to encounter on but a few occasions during his or her lifetime."

M. SCOTT PECK, author of the Road less Traveled books and many others.



Marvin Bittinger



Apologetics, Mathematical Analysis



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The Faith Equation

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