A group of seemingly unconnected people share three dreams that expose them to the origins of the human condition. Interwoven with the gripping and timeless story of Adam and Eve; a therapist, a Nobel Prize candidate, a young woman, an old man and Marc and Sue – a struggling couple – discover profound truth that will set them free.






The Eden Virus- Review Purchase and Read - Brain Teaser Great Book to read with an open mind. People having the same dreams? Just how closely connected are we? I've heard that we are all interwoven. What message will you personally obtain from this ? The Eden Virus is an easy read with higher level interpretation. You may find answers to thought provoking questions you were never satisfied with. Or never felt comfortable about bringing up. God forbid we question popular beliefs in society. You won't know until you have read this excellent interwoven novel. Have your highlighter handy just in case. Enjoy this read. Would make a great book club addition


Cynthia B. - Mental Health Clinician



“Wow! Simply, WOW!
Paul Barrieau writes a parable. And much like Jesus, his parable is sure to upset the religious hypocrites and Charlatans. And to those of you who are willing to take that one courageous step, as “The Eden Virus” so subtly prescribes, you will not be disappointed. Bravo to Paul.”
– Grace W.


“I have never read a book as intriguing as ‘The Eden Virus’. It is captivating and philosophical; challenging and liberating; an eye-opener revealing things I always knew deep down, but couldn’t put the pieces together until I read it. A must read if you dare to turn some lights on in your life. The story makes you want to get to the end, but because of its subtlety, you must take your time.”
– Another Kindle Reader


Paul Barrieau was born and raised in Maine, spending most of his life in the small paper mill town of Westbrook. He is the proud father of 4 and the devoted grandfather of 12. Now retired and living in Honolulu, Hawaii, he has taken his life-long passion for observing the world, people, cultures… life… and used some of those observations to weave this story for you.


AUTHOR: Paul Barrieau


CATEGORIES: Fiction, Suspense

The Eden Virus

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