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Which is true, the Bible or "science?" When speaking of evolution, this is trick question. The reason: evolution is not science or even scientific. There is mounting evidence that evolution did not and cannot work. I want to share some of that evidence with you. There is every reason to believe that the biblical story of God's creation is true.


We are made in God's image. Male and female human beings are made in God's image, fashioned by God's own hands. We were made to rule over the earth's creatures and improve the life and beauty of the earth. Yet we seem to be destroying, polluting and killing each other and entire species. What happened? 


Where has it gone wrong? Can it be fixed? If so, how? These are the most important questions in the world. Will we thrive or perish?


There is good news. The God who created the heavens and the earth and everything in them is executing an age-old plan through Jesus Christ, his Son, to bring humankind from the brink of destruction to salvation, harmony, beauty and peace on earth.


There still needs to be a reckoning with evil, and therefore a final judgment. What does that look like? Does Jesus, as judge of the living and the dead, condemn everyone in the final judgment? Do sinners go to hell? Do the righteous go to heaven? The Bible describes what are called heaven and hell in ways you may not recognize from church or media. Read on at your own risk.



John Valade has a degree in Music and Christian Education, and a M. Div. in Pastoral Ministry. He pastors a small house church called Wascana Fellowship in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He writes a blog and writes music with his wife Wanda. Together they encourage members to write their own songs.



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The Bible as Truth

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