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THE AMBASSADOR’S CALL is a true to life autobiographical journey through the biblical book of Acts in a modern-day setting. The author sets the stage with his actual Third Heaven experience. In this threefold event, Jesus extends His hand of Mercy and Grace. This divine touch initiates a call to Christian service for the author. The reader will find himself in the midst of real miracles, signs, and wonders as the author submits to the Holy Spirit’s power.


Packed with understanding for the soul-searcher, depth for the allegorical puzzle solver, healing for religious outcasts, and messages for youth and senior ministry staff, THE AMBASSADOR’S CALL is a must-read for anyone who has felt self-condemnation for lack of fulfilling Jesus Christ’s command of the Great Commission.


Reading it will provide fulfillment for anyone who has yearned for greater evangelism on a personal level.


Gregory Addie was raised in the farmlands of Milton, Wisconsin. His life has been one of service to his fellow man, including service in the United States Marine Corps, three tenures of public office, County Board of Health, and years as an ordained lay minister. These experiences are what make his writing a real-time adventure.



Christian Life Inspirational; apologetics; apologetics a justification of Christian belief; apologetics beyond reason; apologetics Christian; apologetics handbook

The Ambassador's Call EBOOK

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