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Surviving Spiritual Stress gives biblically based principles for overcoming life stress issues. This book will help those who suffer chronically from the effects of ANGER, TEMPTATION, JEALOUSY, BITTERNESS, LUST, WORRY, FEAR, DISAPPOINTMENT, or DEATH. A must read for any believer! 



“Surviving Spiritual Stress outlines the struggles we all face…this soul-searching, systematic approach addresses the real-life challenges through a Biblical perspective.”                                            

Ronnie Horton

Teacher in Adult Education Services – Saginaw, Texas


“Surviving Spiritual Stress is packed full of wisdom and truth. Cliff Sims takes the treasures of his life in ministry and packs them into this sweet package. Buy it, read it, live it.”

Dr. Bob Lewis

Director of Missions - Sacramento, CA.


Cliff Sims has written a useful book to bring healing to your own soul.  Sims removes these spiritual stressors or personal challenges from the “ivory tower” of discussion and places them in the “real world” of practical application… and he does this with memorable illustrations and stories, biblical and extra-biblical, which rivet the solutions to each of these nine recurring challenges. Keep this book within easy reach on your bookshelf…to help yourself…and others!

Mark Bumpus

Texas Baptist Pastor for 41 Years



RELIGION: Christian Living - Inspirational

RELIGION: Christian Living - Spiritual Growth

SELF HELP: Self-management / Stress Management



Spiritual stress; spiritual stress relief; stress reducer; spiritual growth; spiritual growth books

Surviving Spiritual Stress

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