Signs and Wonders in Zimbabwe describes how God strengthened, protected and encouraged His people in mighty and miraculous ways during times of difficulty and danger. It shows how people were sustained and provided for, causing their faith to grow. All this was accomplished in a country facing mandatory sanctions, a 17 year period of war, hyperinflation and imprisonment of innocent people. God revealed His hand time and again in practical and supernatural ways. His perfect timing never ceased to amaze us. Attention is drawn to the way in which God honored the promises in His word. Christians stood together in the face of extreme adversity and held on to God's promises with unwavering faith until they saw evidence of the answers to their petitions. Several personal testimonies have been included in the writing and within these testimonies God's love and personal care of His people, whatever race or creed, is evident in His compassionate dealings with them. Beryl Shaw was born in England and was brought up to worship in the Church of England. In Zimbabwe, for approximately 30 years she and her family worshiped at the Hatfield Presbyterian Church. In 2004 Beryl was called by the Lord to return to her homeland. She and her husband are settled in Scotland.


Author: Beryl Shaw


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Signs and Wonders in Zimbabwe

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